A few years ago, while I was watching reruns of "Melrose Place," I heard a knock on the door. It was around 1-am, and I figured it was my neighbor in desperate need of some sugar. He always runs out of it.
I opened the door and saw it was God. He wore a white T-shirt that said "For God's sakes" and jeans with sneakers. He looked really good.


I asked him what's up and to what do I owe this surprising visit.
He said that everything is cool, busy as hell (he likes words play), and he came because he wants to consult with me.
Of course, I felt very flattered that he picked me, but he immediately got my ego to drop and told me that he just picked my name randomly out of a hat.

After I was done picking up my ego, I offered him a drink (he drinks coffee. black with 3 teaspoons of sugar), and I asked him how I can help, so he told me he is considering canceling Heaven.

Of course, I was in shock; what the fuck canceling Heaven, after all, all our lives we wait to get there, so he said that's exactly the problem.
I asked him what does he mean, so he slowly explained so that I will understand, that he's sick of the fact that we all wait to get to Heaven, and while doing so, we miss life itself.
He said that he thinks that if people realized that there's no Heaven up there, they would try to create it down here, as long as they live.
He added and said that he would really like us not to make death holy, but life and for us to live each moment like there's no Heaven at all.


I told him he's absolutely right and that it's kind of an oxymoron that he says that, because I think that if there were no religion, people wouldn't think death is a holy thing because they would think that there's nothing after death, so they would try and live longer.
So he told me to take a breath, and he smiled at me, and he said that never in his life he told anyone that death has sanctity and that we made it up, and that he has no idea where he went wrong.

I told him, with a smile, that it is good to know he doesn't totally blame us, and then he told me something really sad. He said that he thinks that his main mistake was that he gave us the possibility that I couldn't imagine them without it. Out of stress, I asked him if he can take the choice away from us, but fortunately, he said it was too late and that the damage has already been done. While he continued on that subject, I tried to imagine my life without any choice, which I think is a very sad life.

And then he sighed, and it was a little sad to see God a little hopeless, so I wanted to cheer him up, and I told him not to worry because many people do believe that Heaven can be down here, and those people are not in any rush to go up there.
I explained to him that sometimes it worths going through hell to get even a small piece of Heaven because Heaven is not really a place; it is hope for something better that awaits us, sometimes, somewhere, with someone.

He smiled (for the second time), and he told me that he's really glad he picked my name out of the hat and immediately, my ego went up (but I didn't show him that) and just before he left, he put his hand on my head and thanked me that even if it was only for few moments, I was his Heaven.

I hope I make him proud.